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2002-06-06 - 11:35 a.m.

So tonight Adam, my roommate, and I, along with this really cool couple that we will call A. & P.,* are going to go to Algiers Point to play the live pub quiz at the cozy little English pub.** I'm excited about it, and A. & P. are very smart, so maybe we'll win the grand prize (which is usually your entry money back, plus, like, some British "biscuits"***). Hopefully I won't embarrass myself too badly.

Watched part of Pollock last night. Confirmed my beliefs that 1.) Jackson Pollock was a creep with a penis fixation, and 2.) I really wish I could just insert myself into 1941. Except for that pesky World War.

Hey thanks Monica for the advice in my guestbook. You're very right. No need to freak myself out about these things ahead of time, and it's definitely way too early to be throwing the "m" word around,in any context. (That's "marriage," for those of you playing at home.)

Oh, and this is what I was yammering on about earlier. It was extremely important, please don't miss it.

Okay everyone, wish me luck at the gynecologist. I'm not sure what kind of luck I need exactly, but some kind.****

*All of our couple friends are named after convenience/drug stores, such as K. & B and A. & P. Coincidence?

**Featured in former diary as site of second date with Adam.

***i.e., cookies.

****Aren't footnotes just the most fun? I can't stop.

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