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2002-11-15 - 10:54 a.m.

Tonight is Girls' Night in Red Dirt Land! (Actually, pretty much every night is girls' night when your boyfriend lives two time zones away. But still. This is a planned girl's night.) We're making brunch for dinner at my place, and then--who knows! Seattle is our oyster! Suggestions?.

Also, congratulate me: Today is payday, so I no longer have a negative checking balance! Huzzah! Bow before the glory of the bi-weekly paycheck!

Sorry to be so exclamatory. TGIF and all that. Oh, and this happened this morning: I was walking my bag o' cat poo out to the dumpster, just like every morning, and the recycle guys happened to be emptying the recycling dumpster at the same time. I walk to throw away the poo, but the lid of the garbage dumpster--as is so often the case--is covered with a thick green ooze. As I'm standing there trying to decide whether to bare-hand it or somehow grab it with the sleeve of my sweater, the dumpster magically opens, and I turn to see the (gloved) recycling guy holding it open for me and smiling at me! That just warmed the cockles of my heart.

Then someone cut me off as I was trying to get on the 520 and I flipped them off and the mood was kind of spoiled. But hey--the mountains are out, even though it's overcast. I've never seen Mt. Rainier so perfectly white. Don't you wish you lived here?

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