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2002-11-18 - 8:40 a.m.

What a great weekend.

Friday: Brunch for dinner. Good times.

Saturday: Bastyr party w/ T. Fun except that I accidentally wore my black leather boots, and I was afraid the whole time that one of the all-natural-fiber clad guests might incite an angry mob against me.

After that we went over to DK's apartment, to celebrate the fact that he just bought a house. Everyone is a grown-up except for me.

But yesterday was the really rock n' roll day. First, Lee had a murder mystery party, set in 1926. I brought the hors de ouvres and played Felicity Frank, "an aspiring young actress who will go far." I was not the murderer.

So that was really fun, and afterwards Ms. T. and I went to see Bobby Bare Jr. at the Tractor. Oh my gosh, did those guys rock. The only show I've seen this year that even comes close to it, for sheer rocktasticness, was the Guided by Voices show in New Orleans,* which is not even a fair comparison because the whole point of GBV is that they rock hard. It's what they do.

T. and I were standing right in front of Bobby, and I'm pretty sure he wanted to ask me out (he's not even married!) but T-Rock said we had to go home, so I'll never know. It would have been a long-distance romance anyway.

*Another interesting parallel between these two shows was that they both contained covers of "Teenage Wasteland." Coincidence?

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