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2006-10-31 - 10:25 a.m.

Happy halloween babies!!

Well, I can't say I didn't get my Halloween ya-yas out this year. Besides going to the haunted trails (scary!), we went to three different costume parties and wore three different costumes. All of our costumes were based around some surprisingly realistic scabs I bought at Bartell's for $2.50.

I really liked the scabs.

Party #1
Plague people
Me: Plague victim (medieval-type outfit, face covered with scabs, white face, grey circles under eyes)
Richard: Plague doctor (scary plague doctor mask and robe)

Party #2
Fancy zombies (nice clothes, death makeup, scabs)

Party #3
We wrote stuff like "Fuck Unions" and "I Heart the Man" on our t-shirts and of course, wore the scabs.

There was a drunk guy at Party #3 who started slurring about how much he agreed with us that unions are terrible, and he would be so pissed if his job got unionized.

After an uncomfortable pause, I said, "Um, yeah--scabs unite!"

"They can't," said Richard.

"Oh yeah."

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