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2006-11-22 - 3:16 p.m.

Okay, maybe no one else is willing to say it, but it's time somebody took a stand:

This weather sucks.

And by sucks, I mean su-uh-ucks. As of yesterday, this was the rainiest month in Seattle's recorded history, and it was only the 21st of the month! That is unacceptable. I vote no.

I just need to breathe deeply and focus on our tickets to Costa Rica/Nicaragua in January.

Speaking of things that suck, can you believe this whole season of Gilmores? Lane's twins, Lorelai's insta-marriage, Rory's descent into whoredom. It's like a Stars Hollow apocalypse.

Those bitches that sit around and talk about it afterwards are definitely the insult-to-injury portion of the program:

"See, Lorelai didn't take Christopher's name because then she'd be Gil-LESS. But she's actually Gil-MORE."

They do kind of crack me up with their stupidity, though.

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